Planet of the Socks


In a galaxy far, far away, a mismatched pair of socks are running from the law in a pirated starship. To escape to freedom, they will have to outwit and out maneuver a mitten cop piloting a flying saucer.

La planète des chaussettes (Planet of the Socks)
David Lamarre, Québec (Canada), 2021.
French with English subtitles, color, 4m45s.

Festival Selection

Planet of the Socks has been selected to screen in Animovies Online! a shorts package presented by the Calgary Animated Objects Society CAOS as part in the The Festival of Animated Objects in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

It has also been picked up by the The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival (TGIFF) in Dumbrăvița, Romania. TGIFF is a festival focused on science-fiction.


If you’re interested in selecting this film for a festival selection or a short film program, get in touch with me and I’ll send you a screening link.